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  • Apply to House Ads

    Apply to House Ads

    Take the first step to making an income off your website! Apply now and join other premium Home and Garden content creators by Clicking Here

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    Consultation & Stratergy

    Once you have applied, the next move is ours! One of our Publisher Account Management team will review your application and site. Once you are approved, our team will make customized advertising recommendations based on the design of your site, revenue goals, and balance of ads vs. user experience.

  • Install HTML

    Installation of Ad Tags

    After your consultation, your ads will be created and a member from our operations team will even install your new ads for FREE! If you choose to install your new ads yourself, we can send detailed instructions to help you through the installation process. We’ll also send you login details for the  Publisher Console to check reporting.

  • Launch


    The final step! Launch your ads and start getting paid doing what you love! Don’t worry, we won’t just let you fly alone. Our team will continue to optimize your site revenue, monitor quality control to prevent any bad ads, inform you of important updates, as well as being available 24/7 to answer any questions, or take care of any issues that may arise.

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Start making an income sharing your passion of Home & Garden with others through House Ads. Check out how to get started in four easy steps!

No – contracts are a real headache!  Part of House Ads’ mission statement is to be easy to work with for every Publisher, so we operate under simple Terms & Conditions that you agree to when you apply online. At House Ads we don’t require exclusivity, a defined time commitment, or all your above-the-fold ad units. Given that flexibility what’s there to lose? Apply now. 


No. There are no setup costs; we pay YOU for ads that are served on your site through our ad tags.

Providing you have exceeded the $100 minimum payment threshold, publisher payments are made at the beginning of each month. This payment is approximately 60 days after the end of the month in which advertising was delivered.

We have different payment options depending on where you reside and these are managed within your Publisher Console.

Payment methods by country are:

  • American Publishers – ACH bank transfer only
  • Canadian Publishers –ACH bank transfer only
  • United Kingdom Publishers – Paypal only
  • Australian Publishers – Bank direct deposit only
  • New Zealand Publishers – Paypal only
  • All other countries – Paypal only

Payment Schedule

Month EarnedApprox Payment Date
January1st April
February1st May
March1st June
April1st July
May1st August
June1st September
July1st October
August1st November
September1st December
October1st January
November1st February
December1st March

We support a wide range of regular display ad units, plus high visibility units. Click here for a list of all Ad Units supported.

We provide you a set of unique Ad Tags for your website and these are hosted and served by the Microsoft-backed company, Appnexus.

They manage five geographically-disparate, dedicated data centers around the world:

  • Los Angeles, California, USA
  • North Bergen, New Jersey, USA
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Singapore

Each data center has redundant power and network feeds including auxiliary power in case of an outage.

All Ad Tags are hosted within the Appnexus platform.

House Ads has staff in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and NZ. We also have arrangements with local providers around the globe allowing us to manage 100% of your inventory in most countries.

Because every website is different, there’s not one simple way to generalize earnings for all of our Publishers. 

Using anonymous and aggregated data since 2013, our Publisher and Engineering Team developed the Revenue Calculator. Our Revenue Calculator is a free tool that will let you determine whatever you have enough site traffic to make money and estimate how much money you can earn monthly if you use advertising on your website.

Learn more about the factors that influence earnings in the article, How Much Will I Earn?

CPM rates will vary significantly based on a number of variables, such as where your audience is based and which ad units you run on your site. We also take into consideration the click through rate of the ad units. We’ve explained this in detail in the blog What CPM Rate can I Expect?

House Ads provides advertising on a CPM basis which is an acronym for “Cost Per Mille,” with “Mille” meaning “1000”. So, “CPM” represents the fee we pay per 1000 ad impressions. If you have two ads per page, then you would only need to display 500 page impressions (2 Ads x 500 page impressions) to generate 1000 ad impressions.

House Ads works with some of the world’s largest brands in the Home & Garden sector.
We also work with many non-endemic advertisers (for example travel, food, health and automotive sectors) who want to reach your website audience. 

View our top advertisers over the last 7 days here.

Once  you are approved by House Ads, we’ll send you a welcome email with specific instructions on how to get started.

The Welcome email will include your custom ad unit installation, your Ads.txt security file, login details for Publisher Console as well as our contact info to schedule a new publisher consultation.

From there we will install your ads or help you to install them yourself, review setup, go over any questions you have and launch! The whole process is very simple and can be completed within just a few business days.

If you are ready to take the leap, just click the link to get started: Apply Now

If you are still hesitant, check out our revenue calculator to get an estimate of what your revenue may look like: Revenue Calculator 


House Ads receives dozens of Publisher applications each week. Each website or blog is thoroughly reviewed by our Publisher Support Team and we only accept sites if they meet our eligibility requirements.
We need to ensure each website meets our advertiser guidelines.

Approval typically takes no more than a day to a maximum one week, allowing our team time to ensure there is an appropriate balance of advertisers to publishers.

Priority is given to sites that:

a) High Volume Sites
b) Have two ad units above-the-fold (we prefer 970×250/728×90 and 300×250/300×600)
c) Allow at least two high visibility ad units
d) Have published a privacy policy and provided the link to us. If you dont have one simply copy and paste our template.

Yes just USD $100. If you don’t earn $100 in the current month, the earnings are rolled over till you have earned $100.

If your Question is not Answered here on our FAQ page, please Contact Us.

Available Ad Units

Our Ad Units range range from standard banner sizes such as leaderboards and skyscrapers, to Highly Viewable formats such as background skins and over-the-page ads. Learn more about each placement and how they can help you meet your revenue goals.

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