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How Much Revenue will I Earn with House Ads?

The Question every new Publisher asks is “How Much will I Earn?”

Our goal at House Ads is to display the most relevant and highest-paying advertisement every time your page is viewed to maximize revenue. We do this in a number of ways running a unified auction across Direct Brand Advertisers, Programmatic Buyers and Header Bidding.

However Publisher earnings are affected by a number of key variables that make it virtually impossible for us to predict the exact CPM rate and revenue an individual Publisher can earn.

Whilst there are a number of “On Page” / best practice optimizations, ultimately, your earnings are driven by how much advertisers will pay to reach your readers.

Key variables which impact CPM rates and monthly earnings include:

    • Size of your audience
    • Audience Relevance
    • Number of Pages Views each month
    • Number of ads per page
    • Media Types – are you running Display, Mobile, Video and Native ?
    • Are you setup to always maximize Viewability?
    • Have you published an Ads.txt File
    • Demographic composition of your readership
    • Geographic composition

Here are some things you can do to garner higher-paying CPM rates:

  • Have Ads Above-The-Fold – many higher-paying CPM campaigns are only run on ad spaces above-the-fold. These units tend to be be highly Viewable. We recommend that publishers have at least 2 ads Above-The-Fold.
  • Run non-IAB units – Most sites only run standard size ads such as 728×90, 300×250, 160×600. Sites that run ad units with Rising Star Units like 970×250, 300×600, Outstream Video, Native, Interstitials, PreRoll video, Over-the-page, floating ads, and background skins will earn more as these placements attract much higher CPM rates.
  • Create new content all the time – sites that create content daily often outperform sites that create content once per week.
  • Utilize the tips in our Traffic Booster Guide – We’ve created a free guide with simple tips to help increase the traffic to your site. Publishers who have implemented some of the strategies have seen traffic rates increase by over 300%.  Download here.



House Ads makes Viewability a Priority

With viewability becoming an increasing priority for advertisers, House Ads has taken

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