300×600 – Half Page / Double MPU

The 300×600 Ad Unit provides Publishers High CPM rates

Equivalent to a full-page ad in a newspaper, the 300×600 ad unit, or half-page ad unit provides a large area for advertisers to display their message. As a result, the 300×600 ad space commands a higher CPM rate than other standard ad units. Typically, very few sites select this placement causing a higher demand from advertisers. This ad unit is included with the 300×250 as a dynamic tag; the tag will show the size of the highest-CPM impression that is available. This method allows you the flexibility of a standard or high-visibility unit on your site while maximizing your revenue. 300×600 ad unit placements are typically placed top left or middle left alongside content.

Features of the 300×600 ad unit

  • Higher CPM rate compared to other standard ad units
  • High-visibility unit
  • Exceptional click through rates for advertisers
  • Can be run as an expandable unit or standard unit
  • Ideal for in-unit video placement
  • Ideal for all types of rich media
  • Approved IAB unit
  • Known in the UK as Double MPU


If you’re a House Ads approved Publisher and would like to include a 300×600 ad unit on your site, please contact us.

300×600 – Half Page / Double MPU

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