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Publisher Testimonials

Since 2008, we’ve revolutionized the way Home & Garden Publishers sell advertising online. From our exceptional Publisher Support, to Full Service Ad Management, our success has been driven by your passion for creating great and exceptional content.

Moore or Less Cooking

“Gourmet Ads has great tips to running a successful blog – take advantage of them! It's very possible to make money with your food blog. It takes a lot of hard work and great content, but Gourmet Ads can help you make it happen!”

Nettie Moore

Moore or Less Cooking

The Midnight Baker

“The Gourmet Ads console is easy to navigate, uses plain English for the categories and last but not least, keeps me informed of current campaigns I can take advantage of just by adding a few keywords.”

Judy H.

The Midnight Baker

Little Sweet Baker

“Gourmet Ads has helped me increase my CPM, and whenever I have a question, I get a response within the hour.”

Lily Ernst

Little Sweet Baker

Publisher Testimonials

Great quality and customer service…

“I love working with Gourmet Ads because they offer great quality ads at great fill rates. I know that they allow me to create great income, without having my readers see not-so-pleasant ads. The customer service is also great too! - Taylor K., Food, Faith, Fitness”

Taylor K.

Food, Faith, Fitness

Easy to install and use…

“Gourmet ads is super easy to install, their customer service is great. Someone always gets back to me quickly when I have a question! The Publisher Console is also easy to understand. "- Amy K.,What Jew Wanna Eat”

Amy K.

What Jew Wanna Eat

Consistently high CPMs…

“I am very pleased with Gourmet Ads. They have one of the highest, consistent net CPMs of all the ad networks I work with. They have high quality ads that haven’t required maintenance from me. Every other ad network displays a junk ad every now and then, which requires me to figure out where it’s coming from, and have it blocked. Wasting my time, and potentially having a negative effect on our site’s brand, and hard earned respect in the industry. I haven’t had to block anything from Gourmet Ads since we started in July 2014. - Ron G. Clean Eating ”

Ron G.

Clean Eating

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