970×250 – Billboard

970×250 – Billboard

The 970×250 Billboard Ad Unit provides Publishers High CPMs

Part of the IAB’s rising star ad units, the 970×250 billboard ad Unit is typically located at the top of a website. The billboard is a wide format ad unit (970×250) and can be an expanding (downwards) unit to 970×415.

When used as an expanding unit there will be a “X” button. When the button is clicked, the ad disappears, page content is pushed up, and a “show ad” button is displayed. When “show ad” is clicked, the ad reappears and the page content is pushed back down. Campaigns can be capped at 1/24 for user experience and performance.

The Billboard Ad Unit is provided to Publishers as part of a dynamic ad tags which includes all the 970px wide Leaderboards as well as the standard 728×90 Leaderboard meaning that publishers get 4 different sized ad units in one ad tag, thus maximizing revenue

Features of the 970×250 Billboard Ad Unit

  • High-paying CPM rates
  • Large creative space (970×250)
  • Ideal for sites that can take wider ads units
  • Additional revenue to standard units
  • Can be run as part of a roadblock
  • Video, rich media or static creative
  • Can be run at the top of a website

If you’re a Gourmet Ads publisher and would like to include Billboard Ad Unit on your site, please contact us.

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