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House Ads makes Viewability a Priority

With viewability becoming an increasing priority for advertisers, House Ads has taken steps to both enhance viewability ratings across its inventory and to educate publishers on how to maximize ad views on their own sites.

“A site with poor viewability is like a billboard on an empty road. Advertisers aren’t interested in placing their ads where no one will see them,” says Benjamin Christie, Gourmet Ads founder and president. “House Ads’ goal is to provide our publishers with practical and actionable tools to help them make changes to increase their viewability. When publishers make website changes with viewability in mind, it creates more quality inventory for advertisers – a win for the entire digital ecosystem.”

Delivering viewable impressions is the first step in effective brand advertising, and House Ads leads the way offering a solution to the viewability problems advertisers face. Thanks to a partnership with, Gourmet Ads first added site and placement level viewability reporting to their Publisher Console in June 2013, and since then, the number of high viewability placements across the network have grown by 300 percent. Gourmet Ads has set a benchmark of 70 percent viewability to meet marketplace demands.

viewability cover thumbAs advertiser demand for high viewability placements increases, Gourmet Ads has revamped its entire viewability reporting console for publishers and has released a 20-page guide for publishers with actionable techniques to increase their viewability. The new reporting suite provides even deeper measurement with a combination of placement-level viewability by device.

“We’re committed to providing our publishers with real tools to help them maximize their ad placements,” Christie says. “Allowing them to monitor their site’s viewability in real time, and see how changes they make impact that rating is a huge step toward making high viewability inventory the norm across our network.”

For advertisers, these sell-side changes mean House Ads can now credibly provide high viewability targeting for private marketplaces, via Appnexus Deals and Packages.

“Using the same data we provide publishers, we classify all placements into targetable categories for 60 percent, 70 percent and 80 percent viewability every 24 hours,” says Christie. “Depending on the advertiser’s targeting requirements, we can then bundle in audience targeting or contextual targeting to hit the correct audience every time.”

“Campaigns using high viewability targeting have resulted in increased performance, high user engagement and, most importantly, brand lift for the advertiser,” Christie notes. “We’re excited to help advertisers leverage this new viewability data to reveal the true opportunity viewability brings to their bottom line.”




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