Video Pre-Roll (VAST)

Video Pre-Roll (VAST)

Monetize your Home & Garden Videos with Pre-Roll Advertising

Publishers and content owners with video assets can now monetize their content via House Ads video pre-roll advertising. Predominately consisting of pre-roll and post-roll advertising, our video advertising offerings allow you to run highly related advertising while earning revenue in multiple countries.

What kind of sites are we seeking?
Just like our existing House Ads display business, we are only seeking Publishers who produce or publish video content in the home and garden content categories. The most sought-after content includes short form content like instructional videos, how to videos as well as interviews with celebrities are ideal. Your videos should have regular readership and existing traffic in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand to best benefit from this offering.

Pre-Roll and 300×250 Companion
The majority of advertisers are booking 15 or 30 second pre-roll and post-roll advertising along with a 300×250 companion-sized ad. However we do, on occasion, have advertisers who only book a pre-roll ad. Ideally your pages should be designed to have a video unit along with 300×250 ad space.

The Technical Stuff
Our video ad server is uses the industry standard VAST 2.0, and we can also support VPAID. Ideally, publishers should have their own Flash-based player, which can integrate and run our VAST 2.0 compliant tags. If you don’t already have your own video player, or you currently have your videos hosted with an online video site like Youtube, House Ads can recommend a cost effective solution which will allow you to run our video advertisements. Contact us for details.

How do I Get Started?
First, apply as a publisher here. Our Publisher Team will walk you through set-up and provide you a test VAST 2.0 tag for integration into your player and site.

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