728×90 – Leaderboard

728×90 – Leaderboard

The 728×90 Ad Unit is ideal for the Top-of-Page

The 728×90 ad unit, also known as the Leaderboard, is typically placed at the top of a website either above the content or within the header itself. Because of it’s above-the-fold placement on many websites, the 728×90 performs extremely well for advertisers.

Across House Ads, the 728×90 ad unit is popular on large recipe and food sites and is often run near a 300×250 for maximum brand exposure. For advertisers, the 728×90 is considered a high-performance ad unit, and is used in nearly every campaign run on House Ads publisher sites.

Features of the 728×90 leaderboard ad unit

  • Commonly placed above-the-fold
  • Large creative space (728×90)
  • Provides consistent results for advertisers and Publishers
  • Can be run as expandable or standard unit
  • Approved IAB ad unit

If you’re an approved House Ads Publisher and would like to include the 728×90 Leaderboard ad unit on your site, please contact us.

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