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Relax, We’ll look after your Ad Tags

We understand that running a popular and profitable website takes considerable time and hard work. Let our experienced team help you maximize your advertising revenue with our Full-Service Ad Management. Our premier-level service includes:

  • Ad tag installation
  • Monthly Ad Tag Management, monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Tools and tips to optimize your ad plan
  • Exclusive Publisher Account Manager, and more

Become a House Ads Publisher to utilize these tools on your site today!

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Maximize your Yield with Header Bidding

All House Ads publishers access our own Header Bidding stack through our standard Page Tags Installation. However, our standard install doesn’t usually suit larger sites running their own ad server, as such, House Ads offers integration via Header Bidding.

What is Header Bidding?

Header Bidding is an advanced technique allowing Publishers to offer inventory via an upfront Auction to multiple ad exchanges simultaneously and parsing this back your ad server. By allowing multiple demand partners to bid on your inventory, Publishers increase yield and overall earnings.

Features of Header Bidding include:

  • Fast response times / Low Latency Responses
  • Eradicate your Ad Serving Waterfall
  • Increase your Fill Rate
  • Support for all Media Types, Display, Mobile, Native and Video
  • Maximize Yield by selecting the Highest Bidder
  • Ability to control priorities without leaving revenue on the table
  • Integration assistance from our Publisher Support Team

House Ads integrates with all major Header Bidding wrappers, however most Publisher setup House Ads via our Prebid Adapter (See Gourmet Ads Prebid Adapter). Integration can be setup either Client Side or Server Side with simple integration into Google DFP and other major ad Servers.

Setup is really easy, once you’ve applied to become a Publisher, we’ll provide you the following;

  • Instruction on Preferred Method for setup
  • IDs for Ad Sizes & Placements

Become a House Ads Publisher and start running Header Bidding on your site today.

*Header Bidding isn’t for every publisher and does require significant technical resources both around engineering and ad serving operations to implement on your side.

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